Our Jewellery

Every piece of Lore Van Keer jewellery is designed and hand-crafted in one of our Ateliers in Belgium. Our jewels are created from precious metals (925 sterling silver or 18-carat gold), crowned with diamonds or gemstones. Each design is marked with a carat and master’s seal, symbolising the purity of the precious metal.

Day-to-day Care

Our jewellery is created for everyday wear, adding shine to each life moment. However, the natural materials your jewels are made of can become tarnished, scratched or dull when worn while exercising, washing dishes, swimming, working around the house or gardening. Setting your LVK jewellery safely aside during this type of activity will protect it for long-lasting enjoyment.

Storing Your LVK Jewellery

Caring for your LVK jewels also means safely storing them when unworn or before bed. Silver will oxidise naturally when exposed to humidity, sunlight or air. To keep your pieces in optimal shape, we recommend storing them separately in their original LVK packaging between wears.


It’s natural for your jewels, especially when silver or gold-plated, to oxidise or become dull with time. Use a soft polishing cloth to clean your jewellery regularly and store safely to lengthen their shine. We advise against keeping your pieces in the bathroom or wearing them while applying perfumes or cosmetics. Time for a professional polish or deep clean? We welcome you at one of our Stores + Ateliers or get in touch via info@lorevankeer.com

Repair or Resize

We want you to treasure your Lore Van Keer designs for a lifetime. Should a piece ever need repairing, re-plating, servicing or resizing, please get in touch via info@lorevankeer.com or simply stop by one of our Lore Van Keer Stores + Ateliers for personal and professional assistance. We’re more than happy to help.

In case of any further or specific questions regarding jewellery care or services, please contact us via info@lorevankeer.com, chat with us, give us a call or DM us on Instagram/Facebook.