Wearable movements in silver, inspired by the natural movements, pure lines, patterns & structures of water at the edge of the shore.

The designs of our new TIDE collection surrender to the pull of a similar fascination for patterns, an instinctive trust that exploring boundaries is in itself endlessly worthwhile.

Each TIDE design gravitates towards its own distinct form of intentional imperfection.

Discover the TIDE collection

Tide Ring 05 Silver



Tide Earring 04 Silver



Tide Earring 01 Gold Plated Silver



Tide Ring 06 Silver



Tide Earring 05 Silver



Tide Earring 02 Silver




Feel so you when you say ‘I do’. Every Lore Van Keer piece is hand-crafted in our ateliers in Belgium by a team of highly skilled goldsmiths. For your big day, extra special care is taken to make your wedding jewellery a perfectly personal token of your love.

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