ODE+ Ring 03 Gold Plated Silver

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Like the original ODE, all rings in this collection are made to be engraved with names, numbers or letters that are only visible to the person who wears it. But what makes ODE+ special, is that these pieces are really foundations that can evolve over time. Adding stones or connecting pieces, this jewellery can change along with the connections that change you. Each new phase of the piece can be linked to new phases or milestones in your life. Your ODE+ jewellery changes the way you change yourself: keeping a core that stays familiar, but forever evolving, adapting and being more beautiful for it. 

The core circle of an ODE+ ring can be worn without any additions and is made with all gender expressions in mind. For all people, for all generations, just for yourself or for another.

Precious gemstones or a birthstone can be added. 

Material: 925 Silver.
Width: 4mm.
Gem type on picture: Topas.
Want to add another (birth)stone? Sent DM to info@lorevankeer.com