A detachable eyewear chain that can be applied to the temples of your spectacles and sunglasses or worn separately as an elegantly striking necklace.

A gilded extension, accessory and safe-keeper for your favourite frames.


A hand-crafted, transformative, many-in-one piece of jewellery.


Even though the LVK UN/CHAIN is a functional object, its form refuses to be chained to a single purpose, allowing more freedom for those who use/wear it.

As your mood and plans shift, easily disconnect the chain from your glasses and wear it as a refined necklace. The clasps allow you to shorten and style the chain to your liking.

Notice the asymmetrical design, with slightly more tactile elements contrasting with bolder parts.

Available now in 925 sterling silver and gold-plated silver.


The LVK UN/CHAIN is the latest in a new series of Lore Van Keer artefacts, inspired by the 10 years of LVK celebrations: honouring the

See also the LVK Cabinet Necklace: a functional storage object inspired by contemporary architecture, paired with a necklace/chain that suits both the object and the person owning it