The moment your child is born, it signifies the most important part of your world. Ode is a collection devoted to this life-changing emotion. The collection was designed shortly after the birth of the designer’s first son. Seeking a way to keep him physically close when she was working, she designed a ring with his name on the side. She can always see it, others cannot. The collection expanded to necklaces, inspired on the same principle. Your child can stay close for the time you have to leave them. If you have more children, you can personalize every item in the Ode collection with their names or initials. A precious collection in more than one way.

LVK Collections Extra Info

Extra Info

The Ode.collection is available in 925 sterling silver or in 18k gold plated silver. 
Available in 18k gold on request.  
All handmade in our atelier in Belgium, the jewellery carries a master’s seal with reference to the purity of the precious metal.
Contact us by mail for your personal design. info@lorevankeer.com 

Products in this collection

  1. Ode Necklace
    Ode Necklace
    From € 245,00
  2. Ode ring 01
    Ode ring 01
    From € 215,00
  3. Ode Ring 02
    Ode Ring 02
    From € 255,00
  4. Ode Ring 03
    Ode Ring 03
    From € 295,00

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