All-new #10yLVK Re-imagined Collection Out Now

Introducing the 10 Years of Lore Van Keer collection. 10 classic LVK designs, selected and re- imagined by Lore to celebrate our first decade.
A lot has changed since we started in October 2010, but not what we love the most: hand-crafting contemporary timeless jewellery, one precious piece at a time. Always staying true to ourselves, always looking ahead and discovering what we can be. 

All-new #10yLVK Re-imagined Collection Out Now
All-new #10yLVK Re-imagined Collection Out Now
LVK Collections Extra Info

Extra Info

We are celebrating the first 10 years of Lore Van Keer by doing what we love the most: creating jewellery with pure lines, hand-made in our ateliers in Belgium. For our newest collection, Lore selected 10 pieces from the past that are close to her heart and re-imagined them as timeless new classics.

Products in this collection

  1. 10Y LVK BRACELET 01
    From € 650,00
  2. 10Y LVK RING 01
    10Y LVK RING 01
    From € 395,00
  3. 10Y LVK RING 02
    10Y LVK RING 02
    From € 245,00
  4. 10Y LVK Ring 03
    10Y LVK Ring 03
    From € 395,00
  5. 10Y LVK RING 04
    10Y LVK RING 04
    From € 265,00
  6. 10Y LVK EARRING 01
    10Y LVK EARRING 01
    From € 185,00
  7. 10Y LVK EARRING 02
    10Y LVK EARRING 02
    From € 195,00
  8. 10Y LVK EARRING03
    From € 230,00
  9. 10Y LVK EARRING 04
    10Y LVK EARRING 04
    From € 205,00

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