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Lore Van Keer is a young Belgian jewellery label focusing on a minimalist design, ethical choices, handmade design and creative expression. We craft our jewellery for those who love clean lines, luxury and beauty. All jewels are technically refined creations in 925 sterling silver or 18-carat (white) gold. They each carry a master’s seal with reference to the purity of the precious metal. All of our jewellery is forged by the designer. A team of highly skilled goldsmiths take their time to manufacture and perfect every piece in our atelier in Belgium.

The Brand

The imperfect

Lore designs perfect objects for an imperfect world. Once the objects are made, she lets them go. They are bought and worn by men and women in this bustling world. Esthetically stripped down, her jewellery is created to bring peace, beauty and timeless luxury to counterbalance this chaos.

Lore van keer
About Lore

About Lore

Belgium-based designer Lore Van Keer was born on December 7th, 1985. During her training as an interior designer at Sint-Lukas, Brussels, she resolutely focused on product design. Eventually, this fascination for objects amounted to a fondness of jewellery, without losing interest in design and architecture as primary sources of inspiration. With semi-precious and precious gemstones, silver and gold, Lore develops her own minimalist aesthetic. She searches the boundaries of jewellery design, balancing on the edge of abstract deconstruction.

Our Values

_THE NEW LUXURY “Spending our time” is an interesting expression. Whereas for most people, being able to spend money was a top priority for so long, this shifted completely. In a demanding and intrusive world, time became more precious than gold. Even taking the time to make the exact right decision what jewel will stay with you throughout your life, has become increasingly difficult. We want to create harmony between both concepts by aiming to create jewellery that transcends time.

_CRAFTMANSHIP Each minimalist aesthetic created by Lore Van Keer celebrates traditional skills and Belgian craftsmanship. A luxury goldsmith and innovating designer with a thorough sense of the importance of every technical aspect, Lore merges craftsmanship with her forward-thinking designs.

_ETICAL SOURCING LVK is committed to maintain the highest standards of social, economic and environmental responsibility. Our jewellery is crafted with precious metals that have been carefully sourced to reflect a commitment to social justice and environmental sustainability. Therefore, we make it our business to know who we work with. We collaborate with suppliers that source their materials in an ethical way. We only sell ethically sourced precious metals, extracted by empowered and responsible small-scale and artisanal miners.

_TRUE EMOTIONS Every collection Lore designs is a reflection of her own vision and experiences, designed to add beauty to the world. When choosing a unique piece for yourself, you add your own personality. By co-creating the exact piece for you, it will reflect your most authentic self.

Lore van keer

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